danish pastry house

Danish Pastry House, Medford

apple bear claw (mom)
apple cinnamon danish (dad)
ham and cheese croissant (mayat)
spinach quiche
cream puff

I’ve always wanted to stop by the Danish Pastry House and finally had the chance with my parents last weekend. The one located in Medford is a bakery and cafe with rows of pastries in the display case and bread on the back wall. All the pastries looked delicious and I definitely want to go again to try some of the cakes.


The apple bear claw my mom chose was disappointing. The pastry part was nice and flaky but the apple filling was quite lacking. My dad’s choice of apple cinnamon danish was more filled with apple and cinnamon but the texture was chewy and soft not really flaky like a danish…


The ham and cheese croissant I chose got burnt after I put it in the toaster so no worries, the bakery doesn’t sell burnt croissants. The croissant itself was flaky and satisfyingly filled with ham and cheese. The spinach quiche which my parents and I shared, was normal. It wasn’t the worst but wasn’t the best I’ve ever had.

Finally, the cream puff my parents wanted to eat received quite high marks for a non japanese bakery. Usually the filling in the cream puffs are much too sweet but this cream puff from the Danish Pastry House was a delicious lightly sweetened creamy custard. We chose the plain but there is also a chocolate covered version too.




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