cafe rustica

Cafe Rustica, Somerville

Almond croissant + iced chai latte (mayat)
Italian tuna salad sandwich + medium iced coffee black (shoko)

Cafe Rustica is a little Italian cafe on a quiet street a little stroll from Porter Square. You have a choice of sitting in the cafe or enjoying a quiet lunch al fresco in the small garden area out in the back of the store. We would have liked to eat al fresco but seating was limited.

The service was great. I did have a slight problem understanding some of the store people’s thick Italian accents but that must be a sign of authenticity so I can not complain. They were very friendly and helpful when I asked about the ingredients in one of their menu items and we even shared some jokes.

My Italian tuna salad sandwich was amazing. The veggies were fresh and crisp, the tuna in large juicy pieces flavored with olive oil. The baguette had a crunchy crust and was soft inside and there was a little bit of oil and juice from the tomato running off the sandwich but that did not make the bread soggy.

Maya’s fluffy croissant looked delicious! I only had a small taste but the almond flavor was not too overwhelming which is always a plus in my book. I drink ice coffee almost every time I go to a cafe but I can not claim to be any expert. That being said, I did enjoy Cafe Rustica’s coffee very much.


food: 4.5
overall: 4.5


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