danish pastry house 2

Danish Pastry House, Medford

Prosciutto Passion sandwich
sachertorte (dad)
cream puff (mom)
pecan chocolate tart (mayat)

So my dad and I stopped by the Danish Pastry House again because my mom was craving the cream puff. This time my dad decided to buy lunch here too.

The prosciutto passion sandwich consisted of prosciutto, mozarello, basil, and tomato. I took a small bit since I’m not a big fan of subs but my dad thoroughly enjoyed it.

The sachertorte my dad ate for dessert is basically a chocolate cake. Usually my dad eats like a vaccuum and sucks everything in. But the cake was so rich he had to eat slowly to not be overcome by the dense chocolate cake.

The pecan chocolate tart I ate was kind of like the pecan pie everyone eats during Thanksgiving. Chocolate lined the bottom of the tart crust with pecan crumbles filling the rest. The first half was easy to devour but then it started to become sickeningly (probably because of the corn syrup). So I had to slow down my pace since I couldn’t stop myself from saving the other half for the next day.




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