macaron sweeterie

Macaron Sweeterie, Lexington

pistachio, lemon, passionfruit (mayat)
apricot, black current, caramel fleur de sel (shoko)


mayat suggested this little macaron place (they serve gelato as well) that recently opened. She seems to be more familiar with the macaron but this was a first time for me. I had seen them before in various media but I had never tried one.

We were unable to just chose one flavor so we opted for the next option up and decided to split a box of six. The cookie part, or wafer, I am not sure of the correct term was very light and crisp but not too dry. The macarons were filled with either ganache or jams depending on the flavor.

Although I do not care all too much for caramel, as soon as I laid eyes on the flaky fleur de sel sprinkled right on top of the caramel filled macaron, I had to try it. It was very good and quite flavorful. For caramel-lovers, this is the macaron for you.

The passionfruit, apricot and black currant were all very fruity and sweet. The passionfruit was particularly fragrant and the apricot flavor melted and spread through my whole mouth.

Pistachio is also a flavor I go back and fourth on. The color was a gorgeous vibrant green and the flavor was very true to the nut. I have to admit, it was actually very good.

The lemon, I’ve saved for last because it was fantastic. It tasted like a lemon bar (which is like the apple to my eve), a sweet but tart burst of lemon invading my tongue.

mayat and I both definitely would like to go back another time and try the gelato. Besides, we haven’t even tried all of the macaron flavors yet!


overall: 4.5


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