sofra bakery


Sofra Bakery, Cambridge

seasonal vegetable turnover (mayat)
spinach falafel with yogurt, beets, & pickled peppers stuffed flatbread (dad)
pistachio olive oil cake


Here’s another place that I’ve wanted to stop by for a while; Sofra Bakery. A little Middle Eastern bakery on the border of Cambridge and Belmont.

My dad ordered one of the stuffed flatbreads (there are about 4 other choices). It looked a bit different than I expected. It’s more like an open wrap but they make if after you order, so it’s nice an hot. I didn’t get to try any of it or take a picture though because I dropped it off for dad’s lunch. His comments were it’s small (his portion size has been slightly Americanized) and kind of hard to eat but good.

I got the vegetable turnover which again I burnt in the toaster oven. But I think it was filled with corn and sesame walnut (after looking at the site menu). YUMMM!!! the pastry shell was delicate and flaky. The filling matched perfectly too. ahh soo good, one of the best savory croissants I’ve ever had! It was gone in seconds unfortunately.

For the desserts, the pistachio olive oil cake was a little disappointing. Not very pistachio like and I’m not a fan of dried cranberries in pastries. I think it was made out of almond meal but it seemed more like a pastry bread (banana bread or something)

I really wanted to try the chocolate baklava since it was mile high and stuffed with chocolate but I decided to go with something more unique and uneasy to find; the kunefe and umm-ali.

The kunefe was really delicious. Light and a hint of sweetness in the ricotta.
The umm-ali is apparently egyptian style bread pudding. It was filled with pistachios and dried apricots. My parents really liked this one. I wasn’t as big of a fan but I’m not a big fan of bread pudding either.

I definitely want to go to Sofra Bakery again to try out more of the pastries. Only downside is that this place isn’t cheap. I spent over 20 buying all this… sigh. budget slightly over?




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