L’Espalier, Boston

Red Riding Hood’s Basket
crimson berry (mayat)
finest earl grey (mom)
tea sandwiches:
smoked salmon
crouque monsier
cucumber with cream cheese
lobster roll on pretzel roll
egg salad
tea cakes:
chocolate decadence cake
greek yogurt panna cotta
coffee swan
mango financier
red velvet trifle


For my birthday celebration my mom and I went to L’espalier for afternoon tea. I came here for restaurant week during spring break but really wanted to try the afternoon tea with cute little sandwiches and desserts.

Aesthetically, everything was very beautiful and cute. Unfortunately, some of the sandwiches didn’t taste as amazing as I would’ve expected from such a high end restaurant. All of them could be pretty easily be made at home too… Anyways, the egg salad with the brioche bread was kind of dry. The lobster roll filling was actually delicious but the pretzel roll was not a good choice for bread. Since the pretzel roll is already dense and salty it overpowered the lobster.

Next came the scones but after eating the sandwiches my mom and I were getting kind of full. The desserts came right after. I had high expectations but maybe because my taste buds are becoming picky… I was pretty disappointed.

The decadence cake (a flourless chocolate cake) was really dense. The mango financier cake was much too hard for a financier. I expected the outside to be crispy and the inside soft and fluffy but it was just tough all around. The pastry of the espresso swan was kind of dry and inbetween soft and crunchy. Only the head was crunchy.. haha. I wish it was more of a flaky crunchy pastry. The espresso chantilly creme was pretty good though. The red velvet trifle wasn’t too bad. I was kind of confused by it though.. I couldn’t decide if the flavors went well together or not or what it really was..The greek yogurt panna cotta with matcha crumble was the best out of all but I think it reminded me to much of the one I ate during restaurant week. I wanted to try somthing new..

Overall, it was a fun experience having a girls tea with my mom. The service was exceptional with friendly servers. I think if I go again, I would only want to eat the sandwiches. I can also bet that lunch and dinner is exceptionally better since restaurant week lunch was delicious.




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