sofra bakery 2


Sofra Bakery, Cambridge

lamb shwarma
carrot fatayer
chocolate baklava


My dad had to go pick up his new mini (!) so we stopped by Sofra Bakery again for lunch. I think we have a thing for going to a bakery twice .. haha.

This time my dad ordered the lamb shwarma which he wanted to try before. It was actually really good! It’s stuffed with meat too. My dad wanted more sour cream though…

I had the carrot fatayer which is small but they were nice to heat it up for me. The outside bread part was warm and crispy fluffy.  I really enjoyed this.

The chocolate baklava… wayyy tooo sweet… sigh. It was kind of difficult to eat too since it was just dripping and oozing with syrup. It overpowered the chocolate so it just seemed like eating a super sweet baklava. The one I had in St. Louis tasted much better with a better balance.

I guess the savory is a better choice at Sofra Bakery since I haven’t been that impressed with the desserts…




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