Oleana, Cambridge

spiced carrot puree & dukkah
vegetable crudites & warm tuscan olive oil with green garlic
tuna kibbeh nayeh
squid & greek style sausage with orzo & tomato-fennel jam
soft shell crab (special of the day)
chick pea terrine
bass with pilaf, mushrooms in phyllo dough

blackberry crepe thing with lime sharbat and pistachio nougat
blueberry croustillant with milk pudding, pistachio gelee, & blueberry sorbet


My parents and I went here to celebrate my birthday about a week ago.

The menu has a long appetizer list so you can order tapas style which is what we chose to do. oh… limited pictures since a lot of them were blurry..

The tuna kibbeh nayeh was basically like tuna tar tar. Delicious!! This was definitely one of my favorites. It came with crispy chips to eat with the tuna.The squid with orzo dish I didn’t eat much of since I don’t really like tomatoes.The olive oil with green garlic on the vegetables was simple and yummy.

The chick pea terrine kind of reminded me of mashed potatoes. It had a sweet apricot, pistachio, & tahini sauce inside but beans get filling quick so I regretted ordering it.

The fish itself didn’t have a lot of flavor but the mushroom and vegetables were pretty salty to balance it.

Personally, I was kinda disappointed about the dessert.. maybe the pastry chef changed? I heard the basked Alaskan is a must try but I don’t like meringue.

My dad is a big coffee drinker so he ordered the Turkish coffee. Very interesting! It’s really strong and you can taste the coffee grinds. After 3/4 of the way through,  it was undrinkable since it was more like a mud consistency instead of liquid.

The blueberry croustillant itself had a hard pastry shell. It wasn’t flaky or crispy or warm which is what I was hoping. There was also too much pastry dough layering that it was too much pastry rather than the blueberry filling. The blueberry sorbet and pistachio gelee was pretty good though. The milk pudding tasted kind of like panna cotta at first but after a while I didn’t really care for it so much.

The blackberry c wasn’t anything special. I just liked eating the lemon sauce and pistachio (?) sauce. The lime sharbat was interesting and very sour sweet. The pistachio nougat had a  texture like a candle stick or I guess taffy? I didn’t like it at all

In the end, it was an enjoyable experience trying many new unique dishes. I would like to come and try the other appetizers but maybe stay away from the desserts…


service: 5


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