matcha macaron with black sesame mascarpone

matcha macaron with black sesame mascarpone

adapted from cookpad (in japanese) 

80 g (about 2) egg whites
60g granulated sugar
80g  almond flour
120g confectioner’s sugar
1tbsp matcha powder

(I didn’t measure this out)
confectioner’s sugar
ground black sesame


mix the almond flour, confectioner’s sugar, matcha powder and set aside

while gradually adding the granulated  sugar to the eggs, beat to an italian meringue.

fold in the flour mixture to the meringue
(careful of over mixng!)

pipe the mixture in to 3 inch circles

pre heat the oven to 392 F

let the shells rest for 30 min.

bake the macarons for 3 min at 392 F
(this will make the shells into their puffy state)

lower to  302 F and bake for 10 ~ 15 min.

mix everything together and taste test to the sweetness desired


It went pretty well for my first time making macarons. oh apparently using eggs that are left at room temp. for a day make the shells less chewy. Anyways, the baking process works really well for making perfectly round macaron shells! But I was kind of whatever when piping the shells so very few were round and I had a hard time finding partners

sweetened mascarpone tastes delicious!! but adding the ground black sesame seeds didn’t really do anything… it needs to be powder



2 responses to “matcha macaron with black sesame mascarpone

  1. I love how you can see the black specks in the mascarpone! So pretty! You did you powder right and not black sesame paste? I ask because I was able to find black sesame powder but not black sesame paste (which is called for in the recipe I was going to use) but if black sesame powder worked for you I might substitute it! These make me want to bake so badly! I love them!

    • hi, thanks for visting our site!

      I actually ground up black sesame seeds but I didn’t use enough so there wasn’t much flavor from the seeds.
      black sesame powder would work better than what I did but the paste would probably bring more of the black sesame punch.

      good luck! sorry I can’t be of more help

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