no 9 park


No 9 Park, Boston


Tasting Menu
smoked salmon rilletes
native bluefish
prune stuffed gnocchi
pork shoulder confit
creme fraiche parfait
(mom and dad)

Foie Gras
Ricotta Gnudi
Angel Cake


For restaurant week (a month before…), my parents and I were able to get reservations at No 9 Park!!

The interior was a lot smaller than I expected… and unfortunately dark lighting which is not so good for photos. I had a difficult time, so sorry for the awful photos

the salmon rilletes

My parents decided to eat the tasting menu which consisted of five courses. I can’t say much for it since I didn’t really eat much of it.

native bluefish.. I don’t remember trying this at all

The prune stuffed gnocchi was AMAZING though. Answered its hype!

I’m not a big fan of meat either but the pork shoulder confit wasn’t that bad. I liked the jam thing that came with it.

For me, I was lucky and got a special little amuse bouche since both my parents had more courses than me. It was an octopus thing in dashi. Refreshing, simple, and light.

I had my foie gras debut! Yumm.. I’m sorry mr. duck but I made sure to enjoy and savor.

The ricotta gnudi I reallly liked!!It was kind of like gnocchi but not because it’s stuffed with ricotta. It had a lot of veggies with it too which I appreciated.

As always, my dad tried the espresso too

The creme fraiche parfait my parents got wasn’t too bad. I thought it would be minty, but you couldn’t tell at all

The angel cake itself was meh. I thought the white thing was ice cream but it was like a whipped cream thing. disappointing. but the lemon curd and blueberry compote was yummy at least.

With the check came some cookies and fruit jellies. I always like these types of things. Both were quite delicious too!

I would definitely like to come here again but maybe not during restaurant week… I think they put in a little less effort then..




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