Picco, South End


salami and cherry pepper pizza
honey, coconut chip, ginger ice cream sampler


Before I left for school, my friend, Y-san, and I went out to eat dinner at Picco! I helped her translate some writing for personal stuff so she treated me to dinner. yay~ free food and hanging out with a friend is always the best!

I’m not a big fan of pizza but the pizza here was delicious! I’m not sure if that was exactly the pizza we ordered but it had a lot of toppings. The pie was crispy and warm, not too oily. The only problem I had was my fingers turn black… But this is a place I wouldn’t mind going back to. I only have 1 other place where the pizza is worth going to (It’s in Hingham)

This place also makes homemade ice cream, which was the original reason I was interested in trying here out. We got the ice cream sampler so I could try more flavors. hehe. I was a little disappointed with that days flavors since I was hoping for pistachio and passionfruit.. But I love ginger and coconut and they were awesome!! Unfortunately the last choice honey was …. not my favourite let’s say.. At first it was wow honey!! and then afterwards just too sweet. Y-san was super nice and finished it for me but towards the end she said she couldn’t even tell what it tasted like anymore.. haha

all gone!




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