brasserie by niche


Brasserie by Niche, CWE


country pâté
mussels and french fries
herb gnocchi
domain chazelles (chardonnay)


St. Louis is pretty limited in good french restaurants but brasserie by niche isn’t bad for its price. My friend and I went for dinner last friday. Unfortunately we had to sit outside since we didn’t reserve before hand.

We shared the country pâté which was a crumbly pâté rather than a smooth kind. But I still thought it was quite delicious although maybe a tad too salty for me.

We decided to drink some wine (!) and asked for a recommendation from the waiter. He knew his stuff which is good, but we didn’t .. haha. But the chardonnay we ordered was easy to drink. I think it’s the first time I’ve really enjoyed a glass of wine.

My friend ordered the mussels and fries which we thought was a strange combo. The mussels were good esp for st. louis but the fries were quite average

The herb gnocchi I ordered was delicious as always but also kind of salty. I really prefer this kind of gnocchi then the italian type. Although the amount of butter I bet the use…

I would recommend this place for a night out with the boy or a nice dinner with parents or a girl’s night out. Very enjoyable food and atmosphere!




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