vin de set


Vin de Set, St. Louis


Ratatouille Crepe w/ goat cheese
Lavender Roasted Half Game Hen
w/potato “nest”, melted leeks & balsamic shallots


We ate on the terrace but the view was unfortunate. Since the restaurant is located off of downtown, rather than a nice view of the city, all we could see were some abandoned buildings and parking lots.

The food was disappointing as well. The vegetables that came with the crepe were kind of soggy and tasteless. The crepe wasn’t amazing or awful though.

The boy’s hen was on the salty side but other than that nothing special. The fries were very thin and super crispy. I guess more like crunchy sticks which I don’t hate but aren’t for everyone. I enjoyed eating the leeks and shallots  but I don’t think the boy did.

The service was as expected, polite and attentive. Still, I won’t be coming here again. The food wasn’t worth it.


overall: 3


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