Atlas, DeBaliviere Place


soup of the day: roasted pepper
Atlas Crab Cake with Preserved Lemon Sauce
Fresh Fish of the Day: don’t remember..

Layers of Hazelnut and Almond Meringue, Crème Blanc and Dark Chocolate


Between study breaks, the boy and I tried out a restaurant in a quiet neighborhood on Pershing. The place itself is small, but quiet and romantic.

My soup was good but after a while it had a strange after taste.The crab cake was soft and easily fell apart. I enjoyed the little salad that came along with it too

The fish wasn’t too bad although the green beans were meh.. I liked the caramelized purple onions though. yum who doesn’t like caramelized onions.

I was a little disappointed by the dessert. But I’m very picky when it comes to sweets with my huge sweet tooth. The cake layers aren’t bad at all. They work perfectly well together. I just didn’t like how the spongey cake texture wasn’t fine and airy but more coarse. I guess I was hoping for something more like the texture of japanese shortcakes.

I still recommend checking the place out but I don’t think it was exactly my kind of food.


price: $$$


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