pierrot gourmet


Pierrot Gourmet, Chicago


Continental Breakfast
Provencal Quiche

macarons: pumpkin, pistachio, coffee, lemon


This cafe was so cute! It was pretty crowded too. I guess it’s also because it’s connected with the peninsula hotel too.

The boy ordered the continental breakfast which came with different breads which you can choose. He chose a croissant and flax seed muffin. 4 different types of little jam jars came along with the breakfast which I of course promptly put in bag before we left.The boy was pretty satisfied with the croissant. light fluffy flaky, perfect. The flax seed muffin was good but I only like the top crunchy part. Which was perfect consistency.

My quiche was delicious. I love quiche and this was nice and fluffy but not too eggy. Balanced well with different vegetables inside and a nice crunchy,flaky crust.

The place was crowded and we were kind of hidden in a corner so service wasn’t super attentive. But they were still friendly and polite.

Before we left I bought a few macarons from the pastry case. There were tons of other delicious looking cakes but we were heading to Mitsuwa after so I stuck with something more easy to carry. The macarons were pretty big! I thought they were all pretty good too but I’m not pro with macarons yet so to me they taste pretty good after being in the fridge..




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