Truffles, Ladue


Housemade Burrata
Dayboat Scallops
gnocchi romano

gelato trio


The boy and I were pleasantly surprised by this place. A restaurant with quality food at a reasonable price! It’s def more in the upper middle class area of St. Louis. We were surrounded by older couples again..

The chef sent out a complimentary amuse bouche. Delicious! This def set up our expectations.

The bread came out in a cute little box and plate with a pesto sauce in a cute jar. ahh i really wanted to take it home with me. The bread was pretty disappointing though

The housemade burrata was highly recommended on yelp so it was a must order. The croistini that came along with it… so good. The burrata is like a cheese ball thing. Even though it was hard to cut open, the inside was soft creamy and cheesey but not strong or sharp. This is a must try for your first time.

Next the risotto…the more unique kind i’ve ever tried. I was pretty satisfied with it but not the best I’ve had.

The boy was pretty happy with the scallops. especially being in st. louis, it can be hard to find decent seafood. I just really liked the onions, the scallops were a little salty.

The side of gnocchi was interesting. Very soft and fluffy not like a regular gnocchi that is more like pasta.

For dessert, the boy stuck to his espresso. Which he said was very good. (I’m not a coffee person)

My dessert though was AMAZING! a trio of gelato, pistachio, vanilla, coffee in homemade waffle cones. ahhhh  my mouth is watering now thinking about it again. Vanilla was kind of boring so i gave the rest to the boy. But coffee and pistachio, especially pistachio. More please!!

I highly recommend taking your significant other to dine at truffles. The service is polite and very attentive. The food is pretty awesome and the setting is at a nice volume. No loud music or conversation to distract your own.




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