brasserie by niche brunch


Brasserie by Niche, CWE


Hazelnut Waffle
Lemon Curd French Toast


When the boy and I went to Wild Flower for brunch, we noticed brasserie’s brunch looked a lot better. So a few weeks later we decided to try it out.

He ordered the Hazelnut Waffle. It looked good and tasted amazing. The toppings of apple and hazelnuts yumm.. He was a big fan too.

I ordered the Lemon Curd French Toast because I love lemon curd. Surprisingly, the french toast wasn’t that bad either. But it was so big (for me) with two thick slies, I got sick and tired of eating all the bread. Of course I finished off the Lemon Curd though.

One of the top brunch places I’ve ever been to. This means a lot since I tend to be disappointed with brunches. This place is just as good for brunch as dinner.




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