truffles 2




Trout Crudo
Whole Roasted Chicken

Olive Oil Shortcake
Dark Chocolate Tart


Since the boy and I liked this place so much, we knew we wanted to go again. After a bad day, we decided to go here to cheer me up with some good food.

We started off with the trout crudo, which was tartar style to put on crostini. Ahh soo good again!! I couldn’t stop myself from taking another bite.

The chicken was HUGE. We each ate a piece but couldn’t finish it. We chose a few side dishes to come along but they were so so.

The sides were both pretty disappointing like last time

Finally, desserts of course. So delicious… The boy’s olive oil cake with zabayon. yumm soft and creamy.

My dark chocolate tart was delicious with the espresso crumbles on the side. It was intense dark chocolate with a nice crumbly crust. Even the boy liked it a lot too.

Again this place didn’t disappoint! Even if we had to rush through our desserts.




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