london tea room


London Tea Room, downtown


Plum Oolong

Quiche Lorraine
Lemon Blueberry Cake


The boy heard about the london tea room from one of his professors and I had wanted to check this place out a while ago.

I can’t remember exactly what teas we ordered but I think it was the Keemun (him) and Plum Oolong (her). I liked mine and he liked his but not vice versa.

I was also starving so I ate the quiche lorraine which was pretty good. Fluffy, eggy, with the right amount of filling. oh and of course good crust which is a must!
(BTW I don’t recommend the one at scape)

Before we left, we also got a slice of the blueberry lemon cake to go which was highly rated on yelp. I ate it once I got home and it was pretty good but the texture of the cake was too coarse for my taste.

I would like to visit here again to try out their afternoon tea (reservations required). The setting is relaxing and quiet. The other bakery items looked pretty good too.


price: $$


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