Niche, St. Louis


tasting menu x2
with wine pairing


This was sometime in November I think … I lost the menu so I can’t remember the names or descriptions of the menu. The boy and I decided on the tasting menu and one set of wine pairing.

First an amuse bouche came out which was an empty egg shell filled with fish eggs and light egg custard. This was really delicious and may have set the two of our expectations too high.

Next I believe was a vegetable dish. It had interesting mushrooms but  I can’t remember the name. It had a texture kind of like kale but less crispy and softer. The sauce was a little heavy though… The wine pairing was sparkling so I didn’t like it… But the boy did

Next was scallops with mushrooms. They used good mushrooms but the scallops were a little too salty and the sauce had a weird texture and taste that I don’t think matched so well. The puffy crispy white things were interesting but the texture was a mismatch with the rest of the plate. The wine pairing was another sparkling so none for me again.

The lat entree was a meat dish. I’m not a fan of steak or beef so  I didn’t like it. At this point the two of us were playing with our food since we weren’t very satisfied. I liked the potato puree and onions though. The wine pairing was a red wine which I didn’t like so much since I’m not a red fan.

The mouth refresher was a lemon basil sorbet (i think?) It was refreshing and light. This was actually quite good! I liked the plate too

Finally for dessert, the boy had the sweet potato cake with sweet potato ice cream. It was quite yummy the cake being soft and slightly fluffy. The ice cream was delicious too but we weren’t fans of the side marshmallows.

I wanted to try something different for dessert so I changed mine to the Apple and Quince Charlotte. It was quite large! The outside was a chiffon cake which I quickly got tired. But i liked the filling which was mascarpone mousse as well as the refreshing apple sherbet on top.

Sorry for the vague review… Overall the service was wonderful. Attentive and pleasant. But the restaurant felt crowded since the tables were placed so close to each other. Once the place became more crowded, it was a little too loud to hold a good conversation. The tasting menu wasn’t horrible but not worth the high price. I wish it was priced a little lower or the entrees were better




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