sidney cafe


Sidney Cafe, St. Louis


Chef’s Tasting Menu x2


The boy and I were trying to find a new place to try and he stumbled across this restaurant when searching online. The location is about a block or two away from Niche.

The menu was interesting. The hostess brings the appetizer menu written on a chalkboard slate to place on a stand at the table and then the entree menu comes with the waiter a little later.

We decided on the Chef’s tasting menu where the Chef creates a menu on the spot after you tell the waiter any allergies and dislikes. I went with a no meat version.

*Just a warning, the photos are pretty blurry or yellow since the lighting was really dim here.

The bread is kind of like fried dough but not sweet or super oily and fried feeling. Although I think eating more than one would fill you up. It came along with some butter that I thought was like cream cheese and tasted sweet. Although the boy thought the bread was sweet.

The first amuse bouche type plate was an egg custard type of dish. But not custard at all, it was really frothy and salty eggy flavor? It was interesting. I didn’t mind it but for the boy the frothiness reminded him of something unpleasant (which I won’t say).

I had the hamachi crudo which was a little difficult to eat but quite yummy. I think the bottom was a thin slice of pear?

The boy had a foie gras and escargot assortment which came with an apple butter jam spread thing … that was delicious!! He doesn’t like snails so lucky me! The foie gras was pretty good too but not as good as no. 9 park

For the entree I had Pan Roasted Skate. The fish was alright maybe slightly dry but the creamed spinach was to die for! So creamy but not too rich. Even the boy agreed.

The boy had the special of the day which was shabu shabu. But not the typical Japanese style so we were a little surprised. He really liked it and made me try. But the meat just tasted like meat.

Then we had a mouth refresher. This was the first time we had one that wasn’t before dessert.. and I kind of wish it was. They didn’t tell us what it was but I think it was beets. It was good

For my next entree I got the smoke sweet potato perogis. They were alright, I wasn’t wowed. I did like the black trumpet mushrooms and brussel sprouts though. I think they do a really good job with the accompanying veggies.

The boy had Rabbit “Pot au Feu” what was interesting was that the rabbit tasted like rabbit and the oxtail tasted like oxtail. Trust me. It wasn’t that bad but the boy realized he’s not a fan of either meat.

Finally dessert. meh.. I wasn’t impressed. Too american for me. But it wasn’t as awful as I thought. This was their take on a snickers I think? caramel ice cream, different types of chocolate cake, and some caramel peanuts.

The other one was a white chocolate cheesecake where the cheesecake was grated. This was pretty good but that curly white chocolate tasted weird. Personally I wish I had chosen the desserts.. but the tasting menu itself was really fun to eat

BTW, most of the items we had are also on the regular menu too

Overall the atmosphere of the restaurant was nice. The place has a comfortable level of noise to hold a conversation. The servers are cheerful and friendly as well as attentive and helpful. I would recommend coming here for a date night.




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