everest cafe and bar


Everest Cafe and Bar, Tower Grove


Steamed Meat Mo-mo
Everest Sizzling Chicken Tarkari
Daal, Bhaat, Tarkari Ra Saag


I really wanted to eat something ethnic so after I came back from the MFA show we headed to everest cafe and bar. But since it was already past 7, the little restaurant was crowded with a waiting list. I was starving so we ended up getting take out instead.

I ordered the Daal, Bhaat, Tarkari Ra Saag (middle back) which is a complete Nepal meal that also comes with a lentil soup. It was good and spicy. I was so hungry I ate the whole thing before the boy was halfway done… The boy’s Everest Sizzling Chicken Tarkari (left) wasn’t too bad. Although I think the chicken was a little dry.. The mo-mo’s (right) were pretty good but I guess frozen first so some of them were very hard at the tip.

Either way I recommend this place with friends or a casual dinner date. But try to go before it gets crowded since they don’t take reservations.




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