eleven eleven mississippi


Eleven Eleven Mississippi


Crab Cakes
Sonoma Steak
Wild Mushroom


The bread was ok. It had caramelized onions on top and came with olive oil and cheese to dip in.

The starter was good. The crab cakes had an interesting sauce almost like a sweet ketchup but probably not made out of tomatoes.

The boy didn’t like his dish. The sauce and meat didn’t match well . He thought the quality of meat was ok but the way they cooked it wasn’t satisfying. We realized the restaurant is affiliated with Vin de Set. Then everything made sense.

My entree wasn’t as disappointing. But it was pretty mediocre. It made a good leftover dinner for the next day when I was starving though

The setting was nice. The restaurant itself was very spacious with lots of room. The hosts were polite but we weren’t so happy with the waitress. Ours seemed a little spaced out and too casual for the setting. I saw another one explaining the menu in a manner that didn’t seem too appropriate. We won’t be coming back




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