takahachi bakery


Takahachi Bakery, New York


Tuna & Tomato Croissant
Ham & Cheese Croissant
Matcha Croissant
Marron Cake
Black Sesame Macaron


An amazing amazing bakery!! There is a japanese bakery in Boston that is very good but this one was even better! They had so many more breads and desserts. They even sell lunch sandwiches and such. I went early on a saturday morning so there weren’t many out yet. But I chose the tuna&tomato croissant and ham&cheese croissant to eat with the boy. There was so much tuna on the croissant it was amazing!! The boy really enjoyed his ham&cheese to. Later we ate the matcha croissant which was filled with matcha cream and shaped kind of like a chocolate horn. It was only difficult to eat in that the croissant was one long strip twisted into a long tube so it would just keep unraveling. But it was a delicious mess. Unfortunately, I forgot to take photos of the pastries since I wanted to eat them so quickly

My parents tried some other breads and pastries and all came back with a positive opinion. We took home a marron cake which was filled with marron paste yumm.. I could taste some liqueur they added too. I also bought a black sesame macaron that was just as good

I really recommend going here esp if you work in the financial district.




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