Rockmeisha, NY


mentai dumplings

lychee sake


We were originally planning to go to a different place but it was completely reserved! So we walked around looking for a different place and stumbled upon this izakaya. The place was completely empty since it had just opened.

First came the ohitashi which is spinach in dashi jiru. It was pretty standard

I forgot to take a picture of the negiyaki but it was ok. Much bigger than I expected. Then we also had the mentai dumplings which didn’t taste as spicy as I had hoped but good nonetheless

The boy really liked the kakuni. I didn’t think it was too bad, some parts just tasted like meat… The daikon was soft and flavorful though.

The restaurant itself is really small but would probably make a good place to go with friends or co-workers at the end of the day for some drinks. We were unfortunate and had an uncomfortable situation with the waitress. Since we were the only ones there it felt like she was watching us the whole time. It was also hard to hear what she was saying sometimes since she spoke so soft. We ended up leaving in less than half an hour since we couldn’t stand it anymore




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