Otto, NY


sea salt & olive oil pizza

olive oil, coffee, lemon curd gelato


After our uncomfortable dinner at Rockmeisha, we looked for somewhere where I could eat dessert, and the boy some more food. I had heard the gelato at Otto was good and since it was nearby we walked over.

The place was already very crowded and loud around 7. But since there were only two of us compared to most people who came in groups of 4, we were quickly seated.

The boy ordered the sea salt&olive oil pizza which was simply that. It was actually quite despite only having two toppings. The dough itself was pretty thin and crispy.

My gelato quickly followed. The olive oil was surprisingly very delicious. I could tell it was olive oil but it tasted sweet and creamy at the same time. The lemon curd was lemony and a little tart but wasn’t as good as I hoped. Coffee was pretty standard. Maybe my expectation was a little too high, but I wasn’t as blown away as I had hoped to be. But if you go the olive oil gelato is a must try!




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