en japanese brasserie


En Japanese Brasserie, NY


Shake Teishoku

black sesame, green tea, fig ice cream


After some gallery seeing, the boy and I headed for brunch at en japanese brasserie. They offer more traditional japanese breakfast and so we both ordered the shake teishoku

The meal comes with salmon, oshinko, hijiki no nimono, miso soup, salad, rice and home made tofu! It reminded me of my breakfasts at my grandma’s house. The housemade tofu was soft, smooth, and creamy. The salmon was actually coked right. and the salad had a classic sesame seed oil dressing often seen in japan.

Then I ordered dessert obviously. I chose black sesame ice cream, green tea ice cream, and fig ice cream. Each of them tasted super good but the fig ice cream wasn’t a good match with black sesame and green tea. I wish I had chosen earl grey..

The restaurant itself is really big and spacious. We went around noon but it was completely empty, people started coming in around 1 or 1:30. The waitresses are all very polite and attentive. I think they all can speak japanese too. I really want to come again to try their dinner.

Anyways if you’re looking for a non american brunch come here!




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