Ippudo, NY


Aka-maru ramen
Karaka ramen
Shio Tori ramen


Ippudo is a place my parents and I always go when we visit NY since we found out about it. I’m not a big fan of ramen anymore since I get tired of eating all the noodles but this is one of the top places to eat ramen in the city.

My mom ordered Akamaru ramen. This is one of the standard classics they offer here.

My dad ordered Karaka ramen. This was a little spicy which my dad really liked.

I went with the Shio Tori ramen. The soup base is much lighter than all the other ones.

The ramen here is based off of kyu-shu style ramen and uses thin noodles instead of the thicker or curly kind. They also offer seasonal ramens too but the one this time wasn’t appealing so none of us tried it.




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