aburiya kinnosuke


Aburiya Kinnosuke, New York



Kani Miso
An Kimo
Vegetable Tempura
Hamachi Kamameshi

Matcha Tiramisu
Black Sesame Pudding


Aburiya Kinnosuke is an izakaya located in midtown. The restaurant has regular seating and private seating. We were seated in the private areas where you have to take off your shoes, and a noren (japanese curtain) covers the opening.

I ordered umeshu as well. But I think they added too much water… I should have done on the rocks

There were so many options to choose from we couldn’t decide what to try so we went with the omakase as well as adding kani miso and an kimo.

First was tofu. It came along with 3 different kinds of salt, himalayan, yuzu, and wasabi. There were all very mild in taste so you kind of needed a lot but I liked yuzu the best

Next was kani (crab) miso which was kani miso pate on bread with a chunk of crab meat too. It wasn’t to bad a little more bland than I expected though. The little plates were so adorable!

This was the an-kimo (monkfish liver). I know it sounds gross but I love this stuff. It’s really soft and doesn’t have that bitter taste usually associated with liver.

Next was ise-ebi which my mom loves. I’m not a big fan but it was still good.

This was tsukune which is like a japanese meatball along with onsen tamago to dip it in. I don’t like ground meat but this was pretty soft and less meaty texture. Eating it with onsen tamago was new too.

Then came out some kushiyaki. This was scallops, saba (mackerel), and some other fish which I can’t remember right now. It came out on a heated stone and was super delicious. The seafood was cooked just right.

Next was harami (the belly of pork I think). It also came out on a heated stone.

Then they took it off the stick and placed it on a plate. But they left the hot stone so we could cook the meat more if we wanted. It wasn’t bad but since it’s the belly of the animal, it was very fatty and heavy.

Then came vegetable tempura.  I think there was shiitake (mushroom), kabocha (pumpkin), eggplant, string beans, and one more green vegetable.  The tempura wasn’t very oily which was good. But after already eating so much especially after the harami, my mom and I were getting tired of the fatty foods.

Finally, to finish things up came the kamameshi. This is basically rice mixed with some small veggies and a fish cooked on top while the rice is cooking. They showed it to us in the actual kama but then split it up for the three of us. I was so full I just scooped out the fish but the rice was also warm and fluffy

Still there’s always room for dessert! We ordered the green tea tiramisu which was very different from the one we ate earlier. The green tea flavor was much stronger and less sweet. The texture was much harder too. This is how green tea flavored desserts should be done

We also ate the black sesame pudding. Also strong on the black sesame flavor! Rather than pudding it seemed like an in between of pudding and creme brulee.

The service here is very attentive and helpful. The atmosphere is calming and sophisticated as well. It’s a little pricey since it’s one of the nicer izakayas’ in the city but this is a place one must try at least once




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