Cha-an, New York




This place is a nice quiet tea place near Astor Place.

I ordered the cha-kago set. It came with quiche in the beginning which had mushrooms and zucchini. small but good and crunchy crust

Then the set came out which had 7-grain rice, soup, potato with ground pork, tea smoked salmon, soup, and a kou-ya dofu dish. It was all very good even though  I don’t really like eating potato or ground pork. Seasoning is very light and simple. very traditional Japanese.

My friend ordered the cha-gayu set. This came with 7-grain porridge, pork and daikon thing, 7 different side dishes. The porridge is pretty tasteless so it kind of helps to eat it with the side dishes. My friend really liked the pork dish.

Finally our desserts were green tea cheesecake and chestnut mille feuille. The green tea wasn’t overly sweet, you could really taste the matcha which is always a plus. It had a nice crust too. The chestnut mille feuille had a really yummy chestnut cream. I couldn’t really eat with a fork so I would just eat it layer by layer. The layers were very flaky and crumbly.

Overall a very nice place to relax after long walking or to catch up with a friend, or just some alone time.

But apparently they don’t accept cards, so don’t forget your cash!




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