Ranoush, St. Louis


Chicken Shwarma


On a very rainy day my teacher and I went to dinner at a middle eastern restaurant on the loop. (Again very bad cell pics since I’ve been lazy with hauling around a dslr..)

We both had falafel which came with 4 huge falafel on a bed of leaves and veggies with pita bread. I’m not a fan of dry stick to your mouth falafel but these were hot and crispy on the outside and moist on the inside.

The chicken shwarma came out but was too burnt. (The picture is the burnt one). The waiter quickly took it back and brought out a new uncharred dish. I usually stick to vegetarian dishes at middle eastern places so this was my first time trying shwarma. It reminded me of some type of sausage? Pretty good but I wonder why it was green?

Finally we received free baklava because of our small complaint! Yumm.. But not the best i’ve had.

Still the service here is very attentive, accomodating and polite about any complaints.




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