grand pho


Grand Pho, St. Louis


spring rolls
lettuce wrap


I went here once with the photo department and I decided to drag my roommate here for dinner one night. (bad photos again)

Spring rolls are always a must so my roommate willingly split with me. I’m not a fan of the sauce that seems to come with the spring rolls in St. Louis but luckily the sweet brown sauce with peanuts I prefer came with my lettuce wraps. Last time I came here I had the summer rolls which have crumbly almost flaky? meat inside so you don’t need any sauce.

The lettuce wraps I ordered came with a huge chicken mix thingy over puffed rice noodle-ish stuff. I was pretty satisfied with the dish. Before I ordered the crepes which wasn’t bad but way too oily and heavy than what I had expected.

My roommate ordered pho with fish sausages I think? Unfortunately it was too oily for her. I tried the sausage thing.. they were funky

This place gets pretty busy during lunch time so expect a wait but early dinner time is pretty quick service.




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