spot dessert bar


Spot Dessert Bar, New York


family style tapas
Chocolate Lava Cake
Yuzu Eskimo
Green Tea-ramisu


This is an asian inspired dessert place located in LES. 4 of us decided to order the family style tapas and share 3 desserts.

First was the chocolate lava cake which is like those chocolate cakes with the melted chocolate inside. But I think from what I remember this was mixed with green tea. It also came with green tea ice cream too. It was good at first but then it became too rich and sweet and the 4 of us had a hard time finishing (especially since the boy didn’t help)

The green tea-ramisu came in a cute tiny box! (but this is usually used for sake.. haha) I think it could have a little stronger on the green tea but it was very creamy. I don’t remember so well anymore but I think the inside was a sort of spongy cake and something else that was more moussey/fudge like but I might be wrong

Finally, the yuzu eskimo. The raspberry foam stuff was so so but the yuzu ice cake type thing was refreshing compared to the other two denser and sweeter desserts. The oreo cookie crumb pairing might be a little questionable though..

This place was much smaller than I thought seating wise but they also have a bakery case with cupcakes and other pastries you can take home. Our waiter was patient with our questions and cheerfully explained the menu concept. I don’t think I’ll go here again on my own choice because it was too rich and sweet for me but it’s still worth stopping by here once.


price: $$


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