takahachi bakery 2


Takahachi Bakery, New York


Tuna & Tomato Croissant
Matcha Tsubu An Croissant
Soy green tea latte


When I came down to New York for my internship interview during spring break I HAD to go here again. So delicious!!

I had the tuna croissant again for breakfast and saved the matcha croissant for later. I ordered the soy green tea latte too but was disappointed since it wasn’t sweet 😛 If isn’t sweet it just tastes like steamed milk to me..

Later when I was waiting for the bus back home, I tried the matcha tsubu an croissant. (I was so tired I forgot to take a picture!!) It was a little difficult to eat b/c it got sticky from the glaze. But it was interesting eating a croissant that was slightly green with matcha. A very good combination.


price: $$


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