crown candy kitchen


Crown Candy Kitchen, St. Louis


ham and cheese sandwich
tuna salad sandwich
reuben sandwich
chocolate malt


My teacher took us photo majors out for photo shooting in the morning and before heading back to school she took us to crown candy kitchen. This is one of those very old-fashioned diners that probably hasn’t changed since the 60s. This place is pretty well known for its malts and shakes.

My teacher and one student ordered the chocolate malt. I got to try a bit but these things are huge!!! Very chocolatey and thick. The malt/shake lover will appreciate these.

I ordered the tuna salad sandwich and wasn’t really expecting much when this huge thick sandwich appeared in front of me! It seemed like 10 inches thick of tuna salad stuffed between two slices of warm toasted bread. I was surprised at how delicious it actually was! But of course I could only barely manage to finish half the thing. The rest went home to be finished the next day.

Here are pictures of everyone else’s sandwiches. They seemed to be happy with their choices too.

This place also has a cute little candy counter near the entrance filled with your favorite classics. Service was meh.. It seemed like there was only one waiter to take care of all the customers.



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