Journeyman, Somervile


(There’s so much in each dish this as best as I could copy down as the waiter explained..)
Quail egg, smoked salmon, egg with ikura, ginger
Onion ice cream, leek cream, cheese mousse
Beet jelly Spicy whole grain mustard
Celery, olive oil, salt vinegar chips
Octopus, ox sauce, coconut flavored rice
Scallops, dashi
Ricotta dumplings, red pepper pure, tomato sauce
Potato gnocchi, french toast crouton, ricotta, bubble brown sugar citrus
Lamb , chickpea, liver mousse
Foie gras, spicy sauce, cocoa something..
Goat cheese, potato crumble, potato cream, black truffle
Duck confit, prune, spinach, duck reduction
Canelloni, sweet potato , coffers bread crumb, spinach
Bruleed plum, Greek yogurt custard

Flourless chocolate cake, choco meringue. Sherbet cocoa somethin
Bergamot ice, orange cake in date syrup, walnut something treacle, butterscotch

Curry buttercream macaron, quince cream butter cookie, citrus, grapefruit  pate de fruit


Surprisingly, this time around it was my parents who found a place to eat not me! I think they read about it in one of the local japanese magazines. Anyways, we promptly made a reservation during my spring break

They only have course menu but you can choose from the 5 course or 7 course. My dad wanted to do the 7 course so my mom had to go along with him so that they could try the replacement share dishes. I on the other hand stuck to the 5 course dish so my stomach wouldn’t explode later (even though it did)

But I’ve put off writing this way too long so I don’t remember each dish that well. Except that it was amazing amazing! We were lucky and managed to get a seat at the counter to watch the chefs making our food. So inventive and fun to eat! Enjoy all the pictures!!

This onion ice cream was so cool. This was one of my favorites

i love beets! this was kind of like a pate de fruit.

celery soup!

this was part of my parents course

parents course again

puffy ricotta dumplings

my gnocchi. it came with an funky citrus sugar bubble that you pop! reminds me of the dessert i ate at menton

part of dad’s meat course

foie gras! (dad’s again)

this might have been my mom’s but this was so interesting! the bubbles are goat cheese. But we were getting super full and it was too cheesy for me to help my mom

this was the duck confit my parents added to share. i think it replaced a dish in their course? Anyways much bigger than we were expecting!! We barely got through any of this. promptly asked for a take home

I was glad my dishes were much lighter than my parents. But I still had trouble getting through this one

So cool! a bruleed plum! my mom and I were a big fan

Finally dessert! This came with my parents course. I think it was a replacement share dish also. I liked it better than mine.

I dunno… I was a little disappointed with dessert. But I’m picky with my desserts hehe.

yay what I love about these nicer restaurants! The little cookies that come at the end with the bill. The pate de fruits and quince butter cream cookies were so yummy. But curried macarons? I would prefer as an in between for courses … not as a dessert

The service was attentive and very accommodating. If you want to switch a dish out due to dietary reasons, they are easily willing to do so! They also mix up non-alcoholic cocktails if you want too!


price: $$$$


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