pistacia vera


Pistachio Vera, Columbus


Smoked Salmon
Almond Croissant
Ham and Cheese Croissant


This little bakery is in German Village in Columbus, Ohio. We stopped here for breakfast as we continued to head home from school. The area itself is a very cute place but the bakery! I need one like this in St. Louis please!

The case had so many delicious and enticing cakes and macarons. But since we stopped by and the morning and still had a long way to go before home.. sadly no desserts this time.

My dad and I shared the smoked salmon plate. (They have 2 or 3 brunch/breakfast dishes you can eat at the bakery). It came with smoked salmon, capers, creme fraiche (instead of cream cheese), some arugula.. and the best part, a fresh rye croissant instead of a bagel!

Even though their croissants are a tad too oily, smoked salmon on croissant with creme fraiche is AMAZING!! (my dad agreed too) so much better than the typical cream cheese bagel combo. I can finally eat my favorite breakfast again since I don’t like bagels.

During the drive I got hungry so I started munching on the ham and cheese croissant. mmmmm… The almond croissant was just as good too. Both filled just enough.

Later in Buffalo, my dad and I split the cannele. We were a little confused because it was half empty inside. I think the inside filling kind of sunk. But my dad is now a fan of cannele and desperately trying to find it in Boston.

I can’t wait to stop by hear again on my drive back to school in the fall. At least I’ll have something to look forward to on the 19 hr drive.

– mayat


price: $$


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