clear flour bakery


Clear Flour Bakery, Brookline


Morning Bun
Ham and Cheese Croissant
Gruyere Cheese Croissant
Chocolate Whiskey Cake
Ricotta Tart
Raspberry Apple Rustic Tart
Chocolate Croissant
Chocolate Pudding Cake
An Pan


My poor mini needed to go in for a check up so I convinced my dad to stop by clear flour bakery right around the corner. I had heard of this place before and there’s always rave reviews on their pastries.

I was surprising how tiny this place is though! The kitchen in the back is huge but the space for the customers is tiny. Not a place to stay and eat but just a buy and go. They have tons of different breads but I’ve only stuck to the pastry items.

We’ve already been here 4 times in the past week …. So here’s a run down of everything we’ve tried. I’m missing some photos since I forgot to snap away before it was devoured. This place seems to be baking the whole day, so there’s always different items depending on the time of day you come in.

My dad’s become a fan of the morning bun and bostok. The morning bun is pretty typical but much better than what you find at the average bakery. The bostok is interesting. It seems like a slice of shokupan with sliced almonds and sugar crumble on top. It’s pretty good but not my favorite like my dad.

The strata has an iffy crust but the inside is moist and flavorful. The ham and cheese croissant also has some egg inside and was pretty filled and delicious. I didn’t have the cheese croissant but my dad said that it was actually slightly sweet.

I had to try the chocolate croissant (which they seem to only have in the am). The croissant itself is delicious. Flaky and buttery but the amount of chocolate is very very very disappointing. Not enough for a sweet tooth like me.

I bought my mom an an pan and she said the bread was kind of crispy on the outside and soft on the inside which she liked. But wished there was more anko on the inside like japonaise bakery.

The chocolate pudding cake is very dense and chocolatey. It reminds me of a good brownie but in a tiny cake form. I recommend putting it in the fridge.  The bouchons are kind of similar too but not as cake like. Still it has a good amount of chocolate chunks that keeps me happy.

The chocolate whiskey cake was too moist and fluffy for me. My mom said she could really taste the liquor while my dad and I were ? But it tasted much better after being in the fridge for a bit (at least I thought)

The ricotta tart was alright. I’m not a fan of orange in my desserts so I didn’t like the lemon and orange rinds stuffed inside. Other than that it wasn’t too bad

The apple raspberry rustic tart we won’t be buying again. maybe it was because we didn’t eat it right away but the crust wasn’t crispy and flaky 😦 The raspberries were too sour and tart so the apples lost to eat it as well.

Finally, of course the canneles my dad and now my mom love. The strange thing about the ones here are they always seem burnt on the outside. a trademark perhaps? Anyways fluffy and airy on the inside crunchy on the outside with a hint of sweet. yum

Stop by this bakery if you’re ever in the Allston/Brookline area!

– mayat


price: $$


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