Salt, cwe


chicken liver pate
braised pork belly
roasted beets
seared scallop

strawberry cobbler
microwave sponge cake


My dad came down to help me drive my mini back home. So the night before we tried Salt over in central west end.We decided to go tapas style and just order a few small plates to share. (BTW sorry for the horrible pictures.. we both forgot our cameras)

First we shared the chicken liver pate. It was the smooth and creamy type. It was ok, I like the pate at Brasserie by Niche better. They also don’t give you a lot of the cracker thingies but the waiter will bring more if he/she notices you’re running low

I wasn’t that hungry so I just chose the beets which was simple and good. Reminded me of the ones I ate at taste.

The braised pork belly was perfect and fatty like melt in your mouth  type. Like Japanese Kaku-ni. yumm but I didn’t like the pickled veggies that came with it. I guess it’s to balance off the fatty pork but the veggies looked kind of dead to me.

The risotto was interesting. It came with a yolk on top that you broke and mixed with the risotto! It had bits of bacon too but that were freeze dried or something. Easier to eat than regular bacon bits. But the risotto was too heavy for me on such a full stomach and late night though.

After we finished, my dad just had to try the seared scallop since it was highly recommended by our waiter. It came in a tiny cute little jar but just one scallop!! It was so soft and chewy. My dad and I split it but we could have easily had one each. The sauce that came with it matched perfectly too

Finally dessert. Frankly I was pretty disappointed. The strawberry cobbler was kind of mushy. I hopped the pie crust stuff would be nice and crispy but it was all mumble and jumble with the strawberry. (I lost the photo..)

The microwave sponge cake came with delicious lemon yogurt but other than that the cake and blueberries together were pretty boring.

Salt has good service but the food was a little below my expectations for all the hype it’s received. I recommend going once but I don’t think I’ll go back again. Just a side note, this place can be easy to miss since it looks like a big house.




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