melt bakery


Melt Bakery, New York


the Elvis (pb cookie w/ banana ice cream)


I’m a fan of street markets so on a recent Saturday I checked out Hester Street Fair on the edge of LES. Along with a few other food stalls, was Melt Bakery that sells ice cream sandwiches.

That day they had 4 different flavors but if you go to their website, they rotate and experiment with new combos. I debated between the gingerdoodle cookies w/ matcha ice cream and pb cookie w/ banana ice cream. I was skepticle of the gingerdoodle so I went with the pb banana combo.

So so so good! I’ve never been much of an ice cream sandwich person but this made me a convert! The cookie was good… maybe a little too crumbly but it worked with the thick chunk of ice cream. I liked how the ice cream didn’t start melting and I didn’t end up with a huge disappointing mess.

The price was pretty reasonable too considering the size. I just hope they open up their store soon..


price: $


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