panade puffs and pastries


Panade puffs and pastries, New York


matcha cream puff
banana chocolate chip muffin
chocolate chip cookie


This place is tiny tiny! I almost missed it because it didn’t have a sign. Apparently the store used to be bigger but it moved back to it’s original store.

Anyways I went early in the morning and was able to try a fresh out of the oven banana chocolate chip muffin. SO GOOD! The muffin top was warm and crispy just how I like it. Usually I don’t like eating the rest of the muffin but it was airy and soft, not dense and hard like most. I just wish it had a few more chocolate chips…

The matcha cream puff was filled right on the spot. But since I left it for later, the cream puff wasn’t as fresh as it might be if you eat it right away. I was still happy with getting my fill of matcha custard though. I think they have black sesame which I’ll have to try later!

Finally, on yelp, there were rave reviews about the chocolate chip cookie so last minute, I decided to buy one too. I ate it the next day and even though it’s small, it’s very satisfying. Tastes just like how a chocolate chip cookie should. Crispy on the edges, thick and softer in the middle.

This is a must try, just try not to go with a lot of friends… it’ll be tight.


price: $


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