panya bakery


Panya Bakery, New York


matcha custard bun


I usually stop by this bakery whenever I’m in the East Village area. Now that I’m working in NY for the summer,  it’s always a stop after some groceries at sunrise mart.

This time I tried the matcha custard bun. I didn’t really have high expectations for it but I was surprised at how good it was! The outside is covered in a hardened custard/cake matcha layer. This was always my favorite part from the custard creams from Japonaise in Boston so I was really happy this bread was covered in it. After I broke it apart… there was matcha custard inside!! I wasn’t expecting that… don’t ask me why. It was your typical oozing creamy kind but more sturdy. I’m not picky about custard as long as it tastes good so I was satisfied. Plus it didn’t make a huge globby mess after I took the rest home.

I think compared to Takahachi bakery this one isn’t as high quality but this matcha custard bread became my favorite. I bought it at least 4 times during the summer. I also tried the ogura bread which was well filled with anko. It’s not my top bakery but def the place to go for some cheap good breads!!


price: $


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