takahachi bakery 3


Takahachi Bakery, New York


chicken tomato bun
black sesame horn
almond croissant
spinach gratinee


Horrible, horrible! The place I’m working at this summer is one stop away from the office! I haven’t wasted any time yet trying some of the other delicious pastries here.

So far I’ve had the chicken tomato bun which I really liked the filling but wasn’t a big fan of the bread. The bread is good but I like the bread to be more crispy when I eat savory breads

The black sesame horn yumm… the filling was perfect! I wish there was more even though it was stuffed. haha

The almond croissant… one of the best I’ve ever had! (and I’ve tried a lot) The croissant itself is the same as the tuna croissant I eat a lot. But instead of tuna there’s loads of almond paste and almond slices sprinkled on top. It’s a little oily b/c of all the butter but … who cares!

Spinach gratinee after missing lunch at work. This thing is huge!!! very filling even on a super empty stomach. It’s surprisingly very cheesy even though it doesn’t seem like it. hmm.. maybe not my favorite because it was too bready than I was hoping for. But still a good cheap lunch choice.

I need to try the cakes and matcha crepe!! I’ll keep updating this one over the summer


price: $$


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