ippudo 2


Ippudo, NY


Hirata buns
Aka-maru ramen
Bakuretsu tofu


One of my best friends from back home was visiting and desperately wanted some good ramen. I made the walk over to put our names down and was told a 2 hr wait. Luckily so many people cancelled that it was less than an hour before our names were called.

My friend wanted to splurge a bit (we’re in college..) so we decided to share an appetizer. Even though I dont eat meat often these hirata buns are a good exception. It’s kind of like a pork bun but in a mini sandwich form. I like how the buns are very soft and fluffly (which no offense but don’t often find for a pork bun). The pork inside is sweet and tender yumm..

My friend went with the classic aka-maru ramen. She really liked it and ate the whole thing!! I can’t do that!

I didn’t want to eat ramen so I chose the bakuretsu tofu. It’s actually an appetizer so it’s pretty small but for me it was the perfect amount especially to eat dessert later. It’s really hot though because it comes in a clay pot. Kind of reminds me of soondubu but sweeter and has these crispy (that turn soggy) noodles.

This is my first time going to ippudo for dinner but I’m surprised how well a conversation holds with so many people inside. Just be warned.. it can be loong waits. If you really want to eat here make sure you ask like half an hour later how much longer you have left so they know you’re coming back.


accessibility:parking lot


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