chikalicious dessert club


Chikalicious Dessert Club, New York


Molten Lava Chocolate Cake
Pumpkin Pie a la mode
Green Tea deluxe shaved ice


After our dinner at ippudo (and running around finding a bathroom) we headed to chikalicious for dessert!

This place is tiny tiny tiny!!! They totally need to make more space for the customers to get their dessert after lining up and for customers to line up.

I splurged and got the pumpkin pie a la mode which is a soft serve sundae with pumpkin pie broken up and mixed inside. The soft serve is soooo good!! It’s like super smooth rich vanilla ice cream. The pumpkin pie was one of those flaky mille feuille type I think. I’m not sure how well it goes with the soft serve… and it didn’t taste pumpkin-y enough. I think I want to try the cookie version.

My friend got the molten lava chocolate cake which took forever to come out. I finished my ice cream before she finally got hers!! But it was soo rich and chocolatey! The outside was warm and crisp and the inside was smooth melted chocolate. It came with the same vanilla ice cream too. Kind of small but for something so rich, probably the right size

A few weeks later I stopped by again to try the green tea shaved ice. This thing is a big mound of green tea shaved ice with soft serve inside. There are a few red beans around it but I wish there were more. I think there could have been more soft serve inside but all around this isn’t a bad dessert for cooling down and something not too sweet.

I can’t wait to try the other desserts. I really want to try the dessert course at chikalicious across the street but that will have to be another time with the boy.


price: $$


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