ceci cela, New York


almond chocolate croissant
pistachio macaron cake


During winter break I tried an almond croissant from here and loved it! Then I heard  they have an almond chocolate croissant?! Sounds even better!

It wasn’t as good as I was expecting. maybe it was something with how they just have it half almond past half chocolate paste? I think I was hoping for them to pix the two together rather than lay it side by side… But it wasn’t bad! I would still recommend the croissants from ceci cela. They have a nice crispy texture on the edges.

A couple weeks later on impulse I bought one of the pistachio macaron cakes I kept seeing in the window as a little early bday cake to myself. It was interesting. The bottom of the macaron shell had a chocolate layer. So there was chocolate crunch with the pastry cream. It was a little too sweet though… and after eating about half I couldn’t even tell if it was pistachio flavor. Maybe the regular macarons are better? I think I’ll stick with the croissants for now

Oh btw this place is tiny. When everyone’s getting their coffee and croissant you have to squeeze past each other. I think later in the day you can eat in the back where there’s a small cafe space.


price: $$


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