cafe henri


Cafe Henri, New York


Saumon Fume, Creme au Basilic
Les Oeufs a Sa Facon


A friend from school is also in the city so we decided to meet up for brunch. I decided to choose Cafe Henri because I wanted to eat some crepes with smoked salmon.

This little cafe/restaurant is located in a quiet street in the west village. There aren’t many tables in this restaurant and there squished pretty close together. Luckily, it wasn’t too crowded when we went. I liked how the cafe was still quiet despite the number of people inside.

The saumon fume crepe I ordered… delicious! Smoked salmon tastes good with cream cheese but even better with fresh basil cream. I guess the crepe itself could be a little bit softer but everything still went well together.

My friend ordered the eggs and seemed to enjoy her dish. But I wasn’t really paying attention because I was more invested in my crepe and our conversation.

I don’t know why but the waiter took a while to finally take our orders. He kept going to other customers first so we finally had to tell him we were ready. Maybe he thought we were still deciding or just lazy b/c it would be difficult to get where we were? But afterwards service was standard.

I think this would be a good place to go for relaxed brunch with a friend/loved one or when the parents are visiting.


price: $$


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