clinton st baking company


Clinton St Baking Company, New York


Banana walnut pancake
Vanilla waffle w/ raspberry compote, oatmeal crumble, lemon whip cream (k-san)


I’ve heard this place is famous for their pancakes and lucky me! the apartment I’m staying at is one block away from the restaurant! My roommate and I decided to try for brunch their on sunday. They said about an hour and a half wait but luckily, it didn’t even take an hour. Probably because of the game yesterday and the gay pride parade. Still there were a lot of people waiting outside.

Inside, the tables are a little packed but not uncomfortably so. I went with the famous pancakes and debated between banana walnut or chocolate chips but decided to take it easy and chose banana walnut.

Huge fluffy 3 stacks of pancakes with delicious maple butter! I thought I could only eat half of this but I almost ate the whole thing before I felt sick and had to give up. It’s very fluffy and reminded me of GOOD homemade pancakes. I liked how the walnuts were crunchy too but I wish that there were more bananas in the pancake.

K-san went with the vanilla waffles from the daily specials list. It had a HUGE dollop of lemon whip cream and lots of oatmeal crumble and raspberry. K-san seemed to enjoy it.

This place is a good place to go for a weekend brunch with some close friends or just if you’re craving some good pancakes. It’s a little noisy so not ideal for a quiet couple’s breakfast. I want to try the bakery items soon too.

– mayat


price: $$


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