doughnut plant


Doughnut Plant, New York


chocolate chip cookie cake
peanut butter banana cream filling


The doughnut plant is only a few blocks away from my apartment and even though I’m not a doughnut eater, this place was too enticing. There were so many different kinds of doughnuts that I stood there for 5 min debating on what to try. I heard from reviews that there are the yeast type and cake type so I tried one of each.

I guess the yeast type is more like the doughnuts everyone is used to. I tried the peanut butter banana cream filling one. I liked how the banana filling tasted like banana but I wasn’t very excited by this doughnut. Seemed like a typical one with better flavor options.

The chocolate chip cookie cake though was delicious! I think I just prefered the cake texture rather than the mushy yeast. This cake doughnut was moist and slighlty crumbly but not dry. Even though it wasn’t filled the outside chocolate flavor? was seeping into the cake which gave the inside more flavor.

I think i’ll be going back to try the matcha and pistachio cake doughnut. Now I just have to figure out when they offer it…

– mayat


price: $$


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