domenique ansel bakery


Domenique Ansel Bakery, New York


pistachio macaron
almond croissant


I’ve read raving reviews about this place and HAD to try it. I was debating whether or not to get a cake or stick with a pastry but since I was supposed to meet a friend for lunch I went with an almond croissant and pistachio macaron for later.

Since I was disappointed with the balthazaar bakery almond croissant, I had high expectations. Happily my expectations were surpassed! The croissant was flaky and crunchy but maybe a little too buttery. And inside!! it was FILLED with almond paste. so I lied about takahachi bakery, this is the best almond croissant i’ve ever had!

Look at that. I ate the other half the next day and it still tasted good

I ate the pistachio macaron the next day. At first I thought… that’s it? not a lot of filling.. But it tasted much better as I dug in. the inside was moist and even the macaron shell tasted like cream. It wasn’t very pistachio flavor though.. i think? I don’t know still tasted good though!

I really wanted to try the paris breast but it was so much smaller than I thought it would be! All the cakes looked really good though So I hope I get a chance to try one of those before I leave.

The cafe itself is adorable and clean and open. They even have a “garden” in the back that’s like a private patio. Part of it is in an air conditioned space enclosed in a glass area and then there are doors leading to actual outside. The front is open too so you can sit at one of the small tables and do people watching


price: $$


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